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Robert Barnes (1956-63)
Hello David Ayres. re your post or 12/9/2015. Better late than never in picking up your message!!

You are correct as my younger brother Graham died in January 1999, just 2 months short of his 52nd birthday. Due to the scourge that is cancer.

I knew a few of his school friends like John Telfer and a guy whose surname was Heinz I think. also Dave Wright, Kate Glover, Steve Murphy and Mike Walters from Aldridge GS.

Peter Miller did live in Eddington Road.
All the best .
Year Started at school: 1956
Monday 15 May2017 - Sutton Coldfield

Robert Barnes 1956-63
Hello Peter Miller. Re your message of 7th Feb 2017. I remember you from not only CGS but also the 'famous' School Bus, and the 'Green' School, Aldridge.

This is the first time I have looked at this web site in months, so only just picked up your post. However, on Facebook there is an active Cannock Grammar School - Former Pupils group - just over 400 members ranging across the different years. It is a public group so should be easy to find. If not I can add you as a member - assuming you use Facebook. Following the demise of Friends Reunited the FB group is probably the best way of finding, contacting and keeping up with the news of old Chenetians.

I have been to a few of the annual Reunions. Missed 2016 but there is one planned for this year on Sunday 26th October 2017.

I am wary of putting my email address on any public forum. On Facebook there is the ability to send private personal messages. Any way look forward to hearing from you. Hope you are keeping well. All the best.
Year Started at school: 1956
Monday 15 May2017 - Sutton Coldfield

Nigel Darby
Many happy memories from school days! You don't know how good they are until you leave them behind. Set me up well for life, largely outside the U.K. In Germany and Sweden, but have been back to cannock off and on over the years. See some old classmates on here in the photos and messages
Year Started at school: 1971
Friday 28 April2017 - Uppsala, Sweden

Pete Miller(1956-63)
Greetings to all who remember me from a cold and snowy Bratislava. Would be delighted to hear from former classmates or meet up if you are ever this way. It is a beautiful country and well worth exploring.
Year Started at school: 1956
Thursday 9 February2017 - Slovakia

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Year Started at school: fdsa
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