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Jennifer Strawbridge (Arms)
Started with Miss Astley as form teacher. Fellow classmates included Angela Seabury, Joy Allen, Tess Dowding, Chris Bird, Martin Bate and Glyn Hesketh. I think the highlights for me were Iolanthe and the Christmas cruise to the Holy Land, 72-73 I think. Will now have to dig out the old photos!
Year Started at school: 1968
Wednesday 29 May2013 - Montgomery, Wales

Liz Lilly (Smales)
Many years since I was last in Cannock, But, CGS gave me a great start in life and it was the support of the Cannock Rotary Club that enabled me to study in Canada, for which I eternally grateful. Fell in love with the place. For any of you who were taught by my mother, Mavis Smales, she and my father are alive and well, also living here in Victoria.
Year Started at school: 1967
Thursday 4 October2012 - Victoria, BC, Canada

Gail Winton
I started in 1A in 1970. Anyone else from this class? Jane Heath, Sian Roberts - would love to hear from anyone. Remember the cold days of the miners strike, getting homework to do while we sat in our coats and gloves?
Year Started at school: 1970
Monday 24 September2012 - York

John Wardle
I was part of the first intake into the school in 1956 and became the first head boy in 1959. I left for Leeds in 1960 where I am now retired. I am on the 1959 school sitting next to Mr Pomfret photo. I believe the first head girl was Nora Charlesworth
Year Started at school: 1956
Wednesday 15 August2012 - England

Helen Rogers

Year Started at school: 1971
Tuesday 10 July2012 - England

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