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Robert Cox
Found the site purely by chance and glad that I did. Just saw myself on the 1963 photo! Frightening where the years went. Anyone else from the first five form intake of '62?
Steven Shaw, Lester Thacker, Graham Ponder and many who's names slip my mind (It's an age thing)
Year Started at school: 1962
Saturday 31 July2010 - Working in the Glens of Scotland

Revd. Derek Palmer
I remember Haydn's "Creation" - back in the days when I could sing the tenor line, treble even! I think the orchestra was a mix of CGS and 'incomers'. Whilst we're on productions - any fellow cast members of "Iolanthe" and "Princess Ida"?
Year Started at school: 1965
Saturday 29 May2010 - Oldham, ooop north!

Pamela Bridgen
I remember the skiing trip to Austria, Gastof Pension Gemspitz at Galtur. No snow on the lower slopes, I have photos from the trip.
Year Started at school: 1967
Saturday 24 April2010 - scotland

Pat Lomax
At school from 1961 to 1966, mixed memories of school mostly happy. I now wish I'd worked harder! The reunion sounds good, but would anyone remember me or would I be 'billy no mates?'
Year Started at school: 1961
Thursday 11 March2010 - Taunton, Somerset

Julia Kawecki
Does anyone remember the CGS production of Haydn's 'Creation'? I took part and think it might have been in 1970, or perhaps 1971. The Choir was all CGS and we had professional singers to perform the solo parts. Not sure if we had an orchestra 'shipped in' or if the CGS orchestra played. If anyone remembers would be great to get confirmation. Thanks.
Year Started at school: 1967
Wednesday 3 March2010 - Northamptonshire

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