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Annette Williams (now Oliver)
It's so great that this site exists, thanks to everyone for contributing and making me feel like I dont know where the last 35 years went!! Then on the other hand, it seems like yesterday. Nostalgia is definitely not a thing of the past!!
Year Started at school: 1970
Sunday 26 September2010 - Alexandria, Scotland

Paul Bradbury
Started in 1965 and left 5 years later with 5 "o" levels which had been forced into my thick skull by determined teachers. Didn't realise at the time what an opportunity I had been given by passing 11 plus.
Year Started at school: 1965
Tuesday 21 September2010 - Puerto de Mazarron, Spain

Lester Thacker
Just found this website as I was idly passing a few minutes at lunchtime and want to say hello to all who remember me.
Year Started at school: 1962
Monday 20 September2010 - Hednesford, Staffs

Robert Cox
Found the site purely by chance and glad that I did. Just saw myself on the 1963 photo! Frightening where the years went. Anyone else from the first five form intake of '62?
Steven Shaw, Lester Thacker, Graham Ponder and many who's names slip my mind (It's an age thing)
Year Started at school: 1962
Saturday 31 July2010 - Working in the Glens of Scotland

Revd. Derek Palmer
I remember Haydn's "Creation" - back in the days when I could sing the tenor line, treble even! I think the orchestra was a mix of CGS and 'incomers'. Whilst we're on productions - any fellow cast members of "Iolanthe" and "Princess Ida"?
Year Started at school: 1965
Saturday 29 May2010 - Oldham, ooop north!

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