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Jeanne McComasky (Murphy)
Hoping to be at the reunion, this chance find has brought back a few memories. Thanks to everyone involved in organising the event.
Year Started at school: 1966
Sunday 26 July2015 - Glasgow

Richard Norman
Does anyone remember the framed prints in the corridors and elsewhere? I seem to recall a picture by Bruegel, and even though I can't put a name to any others, they were one of the many subtle influences on me. The music played at the end of assembly was another. I remember the Intermezzo from the Karelia Suite by Sibelius. Any other pictures or music to jog an ancient memory would be most welcome.
Year Started at school: 1957
Saturday 25 July2015 - Silverdale, Lancashire

Glynis O@Neill Was Roberts
What a blast from the past.
Anyone remember Glenis Williams? We used to get confused
Year Started at school: 1961
Saturday 27 June2015 - Pembrokeshire, West Wales

Vaughan Tizley
Just checked out school photos, would love to here from anyone who remembers me. Is Joan Andrews still with us, I owe her a big thankyou. I have Photos of school trip to holy land xmas 1967 if anyone interested.
Year Started at school: 1965
Tuesday 23 September2014 - Stoke on Trent

Ann Slatcher
Anyone who was in my class or year god help you but please get in touch with me !!!!!
Year Started at school: 1970
Friday 4 July2014 - Uk

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