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bekie shore (Current student)
i think this site is facinating its amazing to see my school like loads of years ago i was amazed at the difference and i was looking at a picture of the whole grammer school (now known as upper) and i couldnt work out where i was. also all the windows are the same in the school as back then it amazing at the fact that they have lasted that long to be honest

so well done you to who ever made this website
Year Started at school: 2005
Tuesday 13 October2009 - cannock

Helen Davies (nee Garbett)
Does anyone have any photos of Ruddigore? I
Year Started at school: 1968
Wednesday 16 September2009 - Wales

Derek James Palmer
What a find. I wish I'd discovered the site sooner. Mind you, it's scary to see myself on the 1968 photo. Was I ever that young?
Year Started at school: 1965
Friday 7 August2009 - United Kingdom

Julia Kawecki
Fantastic to see all the photo's - brings back many memories! Great site.
Year Started at school: 1967
Thursday 2 July2009 - Northamptonshire

Kinson Leonard
Attended 1971-1976 (1c-5c). Just dropped by to say that I looked at the 1975 photo and great to see some familar faces. I have been in touch with a few class mates from my year via Friend Reunited recently - (Boz) John Minten, (Dibble) David Wiliams (5D), and Jo Bradbury who alerted me to this. regards kins
Year Started at school: 1971
Monday 9 March2009 - Lowestoft

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