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Maxine Dunning
Does anyone have any memories or photos of the skiing holiday to Gultur, Austria -er about 1972 0r 1973. April Fools Day fell in the middle of it !! Teachers bad planning or what ?
Year Started at school: 1968
Sunday 8 March2009 - Leicester, England

Richard Leighton
Well done Malcolm and the committee for producing an excellent web page. Thank you for keeping the reunions alive.
Year Started at school: 1958
Friday 20 February2009 - Longridge

Trevor Yardley
Wow, I found myself in the 1975 school photo :-)

You know, this stuff would probably work a lot better on Facebook and it's far more likely other former pupils would find it and contribute, in more of an interactive community style too. Feel free to contact me if interested. I might set up a group on Facebook anyway, just for fun to see who we get connected too.
Year Started at school: Approx 1970 (Cannock Grammar)
Saturday 17 January2009 - English born Australian living in Texas, USA

Steve Pearson
Fine place to try to remember things I'd tried to forget.
Year Started at school: 1968
Saturday 20 September2008 - Cannock-ish (still)

Mark Clark (now Mark Rowan!)
Well - it's good, and a bit scary too, coming across this now. Those old photos from Jack Middlehurst of 'The Pirates of Penzance' - I was crouched at the back somewhere, probably the most terrified pirate on the planet.
For all it's so long ago now (1963 - 1970) I have some very vivid memories - my teachers, the people in my year, in the orchestra and the choir; and the girls I was secretly in love with. I'll write a piece about it one day.
Sunday 7 September2008 - Durham

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